Hi, I’m

Oz Ramos

I’m exploring the intersections of WordPress and Machine Learning
Oz Ramos

About Me

My current focus

I’m currently working on reproducing every feature of Notion, the all-in-one workspace as a set of WordPress plugins, and will be posting updates on Twitter through #100DaysofCode.

I’ll have more info soon!
WPKanbanner (Project boards)
100 days of code (round 1)
Notion Feature Set Completion

Open Sourced Themes and Plugins

Work in Progress

My 2020 Theme

A purple WordPress theme with gold highlights designed for blogging and showcasing your portfolio.

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WP Kanbanner

A kanban board for your WordPress dashboard to help you manage projects, track ideas, take notes, and more

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Apps, Libraries, Experiments

Past Projects


A Vue.js app with a Firebase backend and custom print layouts.

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A JavaScript library for interacting with pages through face gestures

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UR5 Robot

An experiment in puppeteering a UR5 robot through the browser

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