WP Kanbanner

A kanban board for your WordPress dashboard to help you manage projects, track ideas, take notes, and more

Features and Roadmap

About this plugin

WP Kanbanner is inspired by Trello and is a Kanban Board designed to help you visually manage tasks and ideas. I started this plugin in order to experiment with plugin development, and I actually use it myself now as my main project management tool on this site. Each card is internally a post and clicking on one will bring you to its post edit screen, allowing you to take notes, write specs, assign editors, take advantage of the block editor, and do anything else you can with posts!

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  • Create, rename, and drag cards
  • šŸ†• Create multiple boards
  • šŸ†• Manage columns


  • Custom block to embed board within posts and pages
  • Assign users from a dropdown menu

My 2020 Theme

A purple WordPress theme with gold highlights designed for blogging and showcasing your portfolio.

Features and Roadmap

About this theme

This is my first public WordPress theme, and is what I used to help me learn the ins and outs of theme and custom block development. Featuring deep purple colors (my favorite!) with gold highlights, this theme is great for freelancers, solopreneurs, and those who want to showcase their projects and portfolio. This theme is still a work in progress!


  • “Project” custom post type for documenting projects with a custom block for displaying them in a grid
  • Advanced heading/title block with subheading and subtitle content areas
  • Custom progress bar block for visually showing off progress and skill levels
  • Custom callout block with an icon area for drawing attention to information


  • Taxonomy template
  • Search template
  • Usage documentation

Get this theme

Download the zip file and upload it to your site, or clone the source code from GitHub.